An undefined somewhere else (Del Moro 2007)

“if something similar to a footprint or painting stays within us, how can the sight of this footprint be the memory of something else and not only of itself? (Aristotle)


For more then ten years Annalu’ (Annaluigia Boeretto) has been attaching sentences, signs or scents to the blank pages of her own personal diary:it is a diary made of paper , canvases, ink, sand, glass and air. Every breath of air mind becomes a story and the testimony of a life’s journey. It is a journey that speaks of herself, lightly touching the way of other existences, removing the “end” of every “thing” in the standstill of a thought: and her words become footprints, marks, imprints that have been left, and relix , that above all they are the testimony of the present in the present…Plato and Aristotle would have called them the moments of the conversation of sensation and memories.

From this “conversation”, whether it be made of fiberglass or preserved inside an envelope, Annalu’ tells the story of and artistic journey that was born out of an iconic textual sign, that is not far from certain formulation of the informal and that makes use of technical skills with ink and resin, thus heightening sensations and memories in a sought-after dualism of presents and absence. Far from the conventionality of lexical references or from the arbitrary use of signs, her art becomes the “sacred” place of remembrance in her collective memory: from the conscious to the unconscious or, as Filiberto Menna wrote: art is the dolphin march that continues between night and day, between dreaming and being awake, between conventionality and determination:that is the logic of contradiction.

And this logic of contradiction also regenerates the logic of counter-position that Annalu’ creates when she “removes” color and adds ink, or when she “engraves” her sign code by “drawing” the sand.

They are oniric rapresentation, like in Peter Pan or Hermes; temporal suspension, like in Message Received or in the Mandala Project; traces of memories like in Snow White or in the Small Orchestra Project which links the iconic sign to the verbal sign of the “message”, transforming the natural order into a symbolic order.

Thus, we can proceed in “the present” trought artistic instrument which transversally touch other lands and other times, in order to go beyond the meaning of the visible and the daily routine, so as to try and reach the truest “sence” of things and events.


Daniela Del Moro




Extract of text “An undefined somewhere else”, Imaginary Architectures Calogue 1994-2004.


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