Water images, myth and Reverie (A. Riva 2010)

Annalù went back to her river. She went back to water. She started one of those revealing paths, in which the impalpable matter of dreams, memories, multiple sensations, family and intimate history tries to reckon with reality. Mixing with it. Trying to win over it. To keep it upon thorns, in suspense, in equilibrium. But Annalù does not get discouraged. She picks up objects from the river, just like her grandmother picked up drowned bodies. She fishes for relicts. Old bloated barks. The river garbage. The damned. The souls, the remains of a thousand tales touched by the river. The ancestral memory of water. And she resuscitates them. She brings them back to life. She leaves them there to sediment, through the rough matter of memory and time. Then, she manipulates them. She moulds them.

She makes them immortal, before the corrosion and decay of time could sink them into oblivion.

Annalù assembles strange, sometimes even incongruous materials, that seem unwilling to be bond together. Material oxymoron. Resins. Barks. Fiberglass. Strange encounters. Bizarre shapes. Imaginary architectures. Metamorphoses.

Telling stories that only well trained ears, eager to listen to the liquid, immaterial sound of dreams, can perceive. Rêveries. Dreams of childhood, of old tales, of stories never lived.

Exactly – books made of water. Could a more evident oxymoron possibly exist in the world?

Annalù’s crazy wager proceeds cautiously and resolutely at the same time.

Jellyfish of the unconscious. Magical puddles. Hanging trees. Unreal sleeping beings. Impossible chairs. Floating benches. Swings of plumes. Impalpable butterflies.

“They are all works containing both myth and reality, an earthly optical vision and a dreamy one” says Annalù. The springs of the inner myth are still flowing out, free, unrestrained.

The paradox of rêverie, in Annalù’s works, is more intact than ever. As crystal clear, as quivering as the river water. “This dead past has a future in us, a future made out of its living images, a future of reveries opening before every recovered image”.


Extract text from “ Water images, myth and Reverie” by A. Riva, Aqua Personal exhibition catalog, Wannabee Gallery, Milan, 2010.






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