Dreamcatcher R Design

Annalù’s work is linked to the natural world with a visionary gaze in which lightness takes shape through the alchemy of resins and glass: thus opens the scenario of a poetic sculpture that tells of a living nature intertwined with artifice, sense of the instant and the continuous metamorphosis which, especially in the DREAMCATHCERS series, manifests itself in the use of the butterfly, allegory and symbol of the soul.
Starting from this series of works, the artist has schematized the structure of these representative sculptures of his to create design products that enhance both the geometry of the structure of his Dreamcatchers and the chromatic part of the Murano glass evident in the hundreds of butterflies that they build its architecture.
In the mirrors presented the basic pattern is a lace of butterflies created by sandblasting and becomes highly poetic because it is also the luminous soul of the work. In this way the 3D glass butterflies light up, multiplying in bright and colorful vibrations creating a magical atmosphere.
The large Dreamcatcher Morpho chandelier, on the other hand, is a decomposed dreamcatcher that develops a falling composition of hundreds of hand-painted glass butterflies of different sizes and shades of blue and aqua green. The work creates a strong dynamism due both to the oscillation of the butterflies and to the light coming from above which radiates the colors into the surrounding environment, giving lyrical and poetic intensity.