Lenticular Design

3D is the new frontier for printed communication: animation and movement effects can be obtained, catching the observer’s eye, and conveying the message in the best possible way.
Through the lenticular materials (which are entirely recyclable and therefore eco-sustainable) a three-dimensional illusion can be reached, with depth and sharpness: this happens by showing the left eye an image different from what seen by the right eye, or displaying different images each time the point of view changes. And all in a few millimeters thickness.
Among Annalù’s works, it is the Dreamcatcher that best suits this type of 3D printing, offering the viewer a colorful and engaging show: the work is divided into 3 parts or subjects and, depending on the viewing angle, a different color will appear, together with a depth effect, enhanced by the application of resin; a first and unique work of its kind. From this synergy of print and resin, an unusual, harmonized and captivating image results. With subjective animation, the works are embellished acquiring a new autonomous life, where the magical effect is surprising.
Each lenticular work is protected by customized packaging; its box contains a cleaning kit.