D-collection represents an important novelty in the Artist’s path: here she creates, both on a technical and communication level, a capsule of limited and exclusive edition works.
This project is founded on two creative courses, which differ from the rest of the Artist’s "historical" works but, at the same time, enhance the aesthetic and conceptual value of her research, by entering the world of interior design and architecture, precisely as an innovative art capsule.

Circle Design

This Project presents works based on Murrine discs, created by melting of crystal and Murano glass pastes, and assembled using a technique, which is unique in the world, devised and still followed by one Venetian furnace, active since 1300.

The resulting composition is very bright and extremely lyrical and evocative; the circle enhances its archetypal strength. Each creation is unique and unrepeatable.
The discs here presented are divided into VAS, SHANKHA, CHANDRA.
Through a complex system of centripetal forces, crystal and glass paste blend with nacre, creating a spiral design like the shape of shells.
Hence all the resin and glass shells are called SHANKHA (from the Sanskrit root meaning Shell), a shell of ritual and religious importance in Hinduism.

The word VAS derives from the Sanskrit root vas-, which means “to burn, to shine, to enhance the luminous component”. At the center of the work, an explosion of resin creates a hole in the glass: sort of a “stargate”, where all the power of the cosmos condenses, a birth that is pure energy, developing in the symbolic shape of a flower. This creation, placed in the center (stylistically Annalù’s trademark) thus becomes the manifesto of this brightness. The CHANDRA (= bright) discs represent the different faces of one moon, where the Murrine ginkgo leaves rest and blend in. Technically, the leaves are obtained through two subsequent passages in the furnace, to shape and bend the glass. These discs are designed to hang on a wall.

The iron bases supporting these glass discs have been designed by the Artist and are removable.
Qty 2 extensions for the floor bases have been foreseen, making it possible to install either a 50 cm disc or a 70 cm one. As for the table-top bases, the section on which the disc holder is inserted is multipurpose: the disc holder can be mounted on both a 50 cm and a 70 cm base.

Lenticular Design

The new frontier for printed communication is three-dimensionality, which allows animation and movement effects by capturing the observer’s attention and conveying the message in the best possible way.
The lenticular materials (entirely recyclable and therefore eco-sustainable) give the illusion of three-dimensionality through depth and sharpness, showing a different image to either eye, or modifying the image seen as soon as the point of view is changed, all in a few millimeters thickness.

The dreamcatcher is the work, among Annalù’s projects, most fitting to this type of 3D stamping, and highlighting its extraordinary three-dimensional stratagem effect by giving the viewer a colorful and engaging show.
This result is given by a work divided into 3 parts or subjects, so depending on the angle from where the work is observed, a different coloring will appear, along with surprising depth and breakthrough. Despite this division, the three images are in total harmony and perfect interpenetration.
This typology of works is enriched by 3D effects and animation, acquiring a new autonomous life with a surprisingly magical effect.