The Vital breath of Art

Art for Project in favor of Cisitic Fribosis Research Fondation

Thanks to the charity partnership between ArtVerona Digital and the Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation (FFC), collectors and enthusiasts will be able to win the Opera Arborea, the entire proceeds will be donated to the FFC scientific activity.

Arborea is in my imagination a modern dryad: nymphs who lived in the woods and embodied its strength and vegetative luxuriance. They didn’t fit in with the trees, but they could move freely and dance. Beautiful and young they had their lower part ending in a sort of arabesque reminiscent of a tree trunk.

Arborea has his face slightly bent down with his arms folded over his chest, because the essence of his soul is the vital breath that emanates. The skin, like the shell of this breath, bears stigmata forged in geometric incisions: they are fractals that are repeated in the shapes and ways of an intricate maze. . In its look inside, Arborea anchors itself to the Earth with roots that melt and fluidify as if they were appendages and support of this nephès, vital breath. It is known that cystic fibrosis leads to a progressive accumulation of mucus in the lung tissue that can easily cause infections, serious complications, up to respiratory failure. There is still no definitive cure for all cystic fibrosis patients, whose average life expectancy is just over 40 years.

Arborea with its regenerating force and luminous presence and its transparent soul seems to give new inspiration to nature, as well as to CF patients to whom it gives its vital breath. A positive, generous and encouraging figure. A hymn to research to defeat the most widespread serious genetic disease in Italy.



If you are a collector, a lover of contemporary art and sensitive to the cause of the Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation, you can participate in the auction of the Arborea work from 4 December to 10 January 2021 on occasion of ArtVerona Digital, with an initial value of 20,000 euros.

For more information read the Regulations or write to –

Latest creations

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OPENING ENCOMPASS Annalu-Lyes- @markowiczfineart Dallas. Questa immagine racconta brevemente l'inaugurazione di questa sera a Dallas dove a distanza Lyes e Me abbiamo parlato con i collezionisti e raccontato il nostro lavoro. È stata una grande emozione e vi ringrazio tutti di cuore.

This image briefly tells the opening this night in Dallas where at a distance Lyes and Me talked to the collectors and told about our work.
It was a great emotion and I thank you so much.
#opening #show #vernissage #dallas #greatperson #collector #art #mylifeart

Felice!! Finalmente i nuovi cataloghi!!!
DREAMCATCHER (110 pagine) e ARBOR (73 pagine). Formato cm 30x30
Tutto il mondo dei dreamcatcher butterfly e Ginkgo con il vetro di Murano e le mie foreste di alberi Kengai, Fukinagashi e piangenti.
Visionabili nel mio sito al link:
E per richiederli scrivete a

Happy!! Finally the new catalogs !!!
DREAMCATCHER (110 pages) and ARBOR (73 pages). Format cm 30x30
The world of butterfly and Ginkgo dreamcatchers with Murano glass and my forests of Kengai, Fukinagashi and weeping trees.
Viewable on my site at the link:
And to request them, write to

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TODAY, I’m very happy to present: ENCOMPASS, A duo Show of @annalu_artist and @source_by_lyes at @markowitzfineart in Dallas, Texas. Feel free to come and share a drink with us if you are in Town tonight. @source_by_lyes and I will be the in live to meet you and explain the artworks. A big thanks to@source_by_lyes, all staff @markowiczfineart #encompass #sculptures #contemporaryart #dallas ...

ENCOMPASS Annalu-Lyes 29th April 2021 @markowiczfineart Dallas #Annalu_artist #AnnaluBoeretto #resinArt #dallas #resinDreamcatcher #dreamcatcher #MuranoGlass #AnnaluSculpture #discs #stargate #contemporaryart #butterfly #sculptures #ginkoLeaves #veniceart #sculturaitaliana ...


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