Site Specific

The Site Specific works have been created for a place, envisaged and built around a site, conceived inside a project where the space on which the work stands and lives is an intrinsic and fundamental element, a necessary device. In Annalù’s elaborate, powerful, complex sculptures, the work resides in an environment laden with history and religion. Through these ephemeral materials, her works relate and deliver codes and micro-pieces of information that multiply functions, oversights, doubts.

It is a work based on paths scattered with incidents and small clues, making Annalù’s works of art a set of references crossing spaces and times both horizontally and vertically. The main tool of these artistic practices is in itself a declaration of mystery, a handicraft composition containing the imprint of a very conceptual matrix within.
(Martina Cavallarin)

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ANNO 2016


ANNO 2015

Evoluzione della materia

ANNO 2014-2015

Capitana Da Mar & Life

ANNO 2014

Close to the edge

ANNO 2010-2011


ANNO 2010

E lucean le stelle

ANNO 2009-2010


ANNO 2007


ANNO 2001


ANNO 2001

Self Portrait

ANNO 2001

MIM Piacenza