NFT is “The Word of 2021” according to Collins Dictionary, but we believe it will be the focus of new creative activities and that it has the potential to influence the concepts of art and beauty in the emerging metaverses.

Let’s consider the ability of the Blockchain to reconstruct the actual ownership or belonging of a right to a single asset, and to allow its preservation and circulation with certainty and anti-tampering systems. We can see how this technology can be of considerable help to facilitate the circulation of “unique” assets such as works of art: it’s a new frontier!

Annalù, a skilled and innovative protagonist of the world of the imaginative, poetic engineer of “fixing the moment and its emotions”, could not help but feel at ease in exploring this emerging world.
In the universe of NFTs, she wants to recreate the dreamlike atmosphere of her works, to give a circle to the numbers of Fibonacci, to square the power of her works such as “Dreamcatcher”, “Waterbooks” and “Fukinagashi” that find lifeblood in the suspended world, in the sculpted moment and in the breath of the soul that hovers in this virtual space.

Annalù gives you a ticket to embark on a poetic and alchemical journey without end.