Alchemy is lightness (D. Del Moro 2011)

“Alchemy is lightness”


“ In that instant

he had certainty of a change

in perceiving the atmosphere, perhaps,

or in the breathing of things”

(M. Tournier)


Turning off the voices to her large and diverse group of working tools, Annalu’ has managed to have them ​​sing “vortices” and transparencies: investing them of the past, she has made ​​them echo presences.
This is how the artist has imagined her large Mandalas, inspired by the four elements – which by now belong to her – where her petals are endless mutations, turning into scales and wings grouped in concentric vortices by either implosions or explosions, which lead the eye, however, always towards the centre. And there she has released her new expressive research: in an attempt to physically “give herself” to the viewer.

Her centers are now small sculptures that can be touched, removed from her installation and worn. The concept of “jewel” is still there but there is more: there is the preciousness of the subject, but most of all, the ability to have the viewer become an integral part of the work, or better, to share a small part of the artist herself.

Annalu’ is able to simplifythe ancestralconcept of time.

And it is with this strong utopia of memory and of non-time that the Artist continues her relentless research and devotes her energy, in a labor of love and without surrender, facing the precariousness of the contemporary myths.

Daniela Del Moro


From text “Alchemy is lightness”, Reverie catalogue, Forni Gallery, Bologna 2011.

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