“Incontro” Annalù/Lavinia Turra

Lavinia Turra and Annalù Boeretto, two free spirits, two women full of passion, workers of the sublime who share an infinite love for research and experimentation.

The concept of the INCONTRO project takes shape through the dual-fashion-art, whose borders tend to disappear and converge on each other’s semantic field.
The dress is therefore no longer intended as an ephemeral element, and instead acquires a greater meaning: it becomes an expression of an authentic emotion of existing, a concrete trace of a real life.

The work of art maintains its fantastic connotation beyond contingency, but at the same time takes on a practical sense because it draws the daily universe, we could almost say to be the narrative body of a rediscovered “magical realism”.

Thus a series of limited edition dresses was born. Moving works of art, which once worn produce constant metamorphic consequences.

And all without forcing, because in the case of Lavinia and Annalù the way of feeling and the paths are parallel. For both, the starting point of the processing is the observation of the detail. From which an inductive work proceeds towards the greatest possible order.