Io sono il tempo

12 – 14 Maggio
Edicola 51 – Torino

curated by Phygilab

The different conceptions of time are investigated by a collective of artists hosted by Edicola 51. Visual, auditory, olfactory stimulations, for an approach to the theme aimed at stimulating the five senses.

Phygilab proposes one of the first NFT exhibitions in Europe, with physical work opposite. A stylistic experiment, a temporal journey into the future of art to represent the fruit of a modernity that runs on digital tracks, dissolving the certainties and the very physicality of the work of art.

In the exhibition at Edicola 51, NFT works by ANNALU, Dangiuz, Benzilla, Milano & Finanza, Crisco Art will be presented.

During this event will be previewed:

  • The “Annalù in wonderland” 2D collection
  • The 3D collection with the first NFT “Waterbook”.