Fukinagashi Red Wind

Dear friends and collectors, I am very happy to inform you that the work
Fukingashi red wind
It was acquired by the prestigious collection of the VAF Foundation in Germany.
inventory VAF-Stiftung no. 2757

The VAF Foundation is a German cultural enterprise whose goal is to collect, enhance, make accessible, disseminate and make known modern and contemporary Italian art, from the masterpieces of the twentieth century to the most recent creative contributions.

The cultural exchange and artistic dialogue between Italy and Germany – and the German-speaking countries – play an important role in the ambitious activity of the VAF Foundation, which lends works from its rich and valuable art collection to German and Italian museums Italian of the XX and XXI centuries.

With more than 2000 inventoried works, this collection today represents a real compendium of Italian art, which, starting from the works of Divisionism and Futurism, through singular examples, presents an almost complete series of the main names, the most significant currents and of the most important creative trends from 1900 to today.

Special thanks to the Punto sull’Arte Gallery which has always supported and promoted my work.