Pain is an error of the mind.

Sculpture: Nerea di Annalù
Music: AkoÙo by Tiziana Cera Rosco
Performance time: 10’’

The Greeks said that pain is a mistake of the mind. And Medulla, that is marrow, is a pain, a black pain, a swoon, which starts from the center where things are generated.

This is the work that Annalù and Tiziana Cera Rosco present within the Macrocosmi project, working on an intense and minimal performance that tightens on the idea of ​​forgiveness from error, even when it is a vital error that inevitably dirties the white of us with its indelible black. The concept is based on the experience that only someone else from you can build fortress around an embankment that you have broken and that psychic matter needs to flow, to manifest its dark, to bend everything and to strengthen itself for the support that presence of another work.

Medulla manifests its soul of sisterhood even in the dark, up to the dynamics of the work and in fact the performance takes momentum from a work by Annalù Boeretto, Nerea: a huge and very white shell, built for Tiziana Cera Rosco who then composed the internal sound. Both are physically engaged in the performative action, almost theatrical, and which sees in black and white the dominant colors of the scene.